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Forgotten Showers


Genre : suspense drama
Language : Hindi
Production Status : Released in India



The film presents the fate of a 
distraught father, enacted by the 
Satyajit Ray favourite, Sadhu Meher and his son, played to near perfection by Rajpal Yadav, so poor and hungry that the last full meal they had was years ago. Exploited by the landlords & riddled with debts taken from the moneylenders, they often resort to stealing so as to satisfy their hunger pangs.

Adapted from a short story by Munshi Premchand, "Bhuli Hui Baarish" a.k.a “Forgotten Showers” is a tragic, heart wrenching film depicting the overpowering effect of hunger & its tragic consquences on a small rural household in post independence India. It recently bagged the “Audience Choice Award” at the Leicester Film Festival 2005, in the UK.

Madhav gets married and his beautiful wife Budhiya (Nethra Raghuraman) brings some order and good fortune in their miserable existence. She eventually gets pregnant and one night is writhing in agony because of labour pains. The father-son watch helplessly as they don't even have enough money to arrange for a mid-wife. Budhiya dies a tragic death and Madhav & Ghisu go around begging so that they can perform the last rites.

The film casts strong aspersions on the hollowness and futility of social norms and the state of the people deeply entrenched in it.

With its realistic treatment and gritty performances, Forgotten Showers, gives us an insight into the poverty, hunger & exploitation still prevalent in modern India. The recent starvation deaths in Maharashtra & Orissa bear testimony to this. 

Cast + Crew

Producer : Sushila Bhatia 
Director : Vinod Kumar 
Cinematographer : Debu Devdhar 
Background Music : Vanraj Bhatia 
Editor : Zafar Sultan 
Screenplay : Vinod Kumar & Manzoor Ahmed
Songs : Uday Mazumdar
Cast : Rajpal Yadav, Netra Raghuraman, Sadhu Mehar


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