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A must see if you have seen Shekhar Kapoor’s Bandit Queen


Genre: Drama
Language: English
Production Status: Released


‘Gangor’ is an Indo-Italian project, which is an adaptation of a poignant short story written by Mahasweta Devi, a noted literary figure and a social activist from Kolkata, India. She’s been awarded the Padma Shri in 1986 and the Padma Vibhushan in 2006. 

The film went on floors on November 20th of 2009 and was completed within a span of 38 days at Purulia and Kolkata. The post is currently being done in Italy. The background score is by Iqbal Darbar from India.

The film unravels with migrant labourer Gangor’s statuesque breasts that excite the attention of ace photographer Upin Puri, and become the objects of obsession and oppression triggering off a train of violence that ends in tragedy. 

Upin, a photo journalist, is sent to Purulia to cover a story on the exploitation of tribals. There he comes across a woman called ‘Gangor’, who he thinks is the epitome of ancient Indian beauty. He is fascinated with Gangor’s breasts and clicks pictures of her while she is feeding her child.

The picture then appears in the newspaper in an article written by Upin. What happens in their respective lives after this article forms the crux of “Gangor”

Director - Italo Spinelli

Italo Spinelli - has directed films and plays and made numerous television programs. He is the Founder and Director of Asiatica Film Mediale Incontri Con Il Cinema Asiatico, a festival of Asian films held every year in Rome since 2000, and is currently the advisor on Asian cinema for the Rome Film Festival. Italo Spinelli teaches cinema and theatre at the University of Siena. In 2002 he edited a book entitled Indian Summer: Films, Filmmakers and Stars between Ray and Bollywood, for the Locarno Film Festival. He is also the author of several essays on Indian cinema and literature. In 2005 he programmed a retrospective of Indian films called ‘Indian Visions' at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome. Some of his films are Danzando in Cambogia in 1998, Corsica in 1992 and Roma – Paris – Barcelona in 1992. He is also the director of “Gangor” and the film is currently under post production.


  • UPIN :The film stars Adil Hussein, who plays Upin. You can’t tell if Upin is thirty-five or fifty-five. He is of squarish build, bearded, with too-bright eyes. He takes a bath once every few days, eats meat and drinks beer, smokes country cigarettes, in the corner room of his assistant Ujjan’s home, subdivided among the branches of the extended family. In a pricey Delhi hotel he is equally at home—an Esperanto man. This role was supposed to be played by Irfaan Khan, but he wasn’t able to offer block dates, hence the part went to Adil Hussein of Ishqiya fame. 

  • SHITAL :Seema Rahmani plays Shital, who is Upins wife. She is a woman of 2094!! She finds things in a mess even in an impeccably kept place.. She has 2 sides to her, violent and aggressive and calm and soft. She spends most of her time in the Himalaya’s making documentaries. She is also used to the fact that Upin keeps disappearing with his camera on days at end. Upin and she don’t even spend a month and a half in a year with each other. But they still remain in love. Seema has films like ‘Sins’, ‘Banana Brothers’ and ‘Loins of Punjab’ to her credit. She was also anchoring the show ‘Heavvy Petting’ on NDTV Good Times. She has been associated with many NGO’s and does a lot of work for Animal Welfare. 

  • GANGOR :Gangor is being played by Priyanka Bose, a new find. She previously appeared in an album by Kailash Kher. Gangor is a tribal woman who stands up for her rights after she is outcast by the villagers. She is very comfortable in her own skin. Even though being illiterate, she is very aware of what is happening around her. She is not someone who would take any atrocity lying down. She is also not a self pitying woman. She is practical enough to know what needs to be done and sets an example for all women be it tribal or not by not accepting defeat and moving on with her life with a lot of practicality. 

  • UJAN :Samrat Chakrabarti plays Ujan. Ujan is Upin’s assistant and friend. He follows Upin everywhere he goes and aspires to be like him. He is still toying with his camera and hasn’t learnt the finer nuances of photography. By the end of the film. Ujan evolves as a human being and a photographer and clicks… Samrat has films like “The Waiting City”, “When Kiran met Kren”, “Kissing Cousins” and “The Bong Connection” to name a few to his credit. He is also a musician and lyricist. 

  • MEDHA :The film also stars Tillotima Shome who plays Medha, a social activist who fights for the rights of Tribal Women. She has films like ‘Monsoon Wedding’ and ‘Shadows of Time’, to name a few to her Credit.



The Indo-Italian project “Gangor,” a film adaptation of a poignant short story by the noted literary figure Mahasweta Devi, will go on the floors by the end of April ‘09.

The film unravels the abuse meted out to women at the hands of naxalites & ironically, the state protected police personnel. Depicting the internal trauma of a liberal urbane photographer who unwittingly becomes part of the very violence he wishes to end, the film is bound to probe the conscience of any human being. It will be directed by the Italian film maker, Italo Spinelli.

Cast + Crew

Director : Italo Spinelli
Director of Photography : Blasco Giurato
Music : Iqbal Darbar
Cast : Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, Seema Rehmani, Tillotama Shome, Samrat Chakrabarti

International Awards Received



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