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India Distrbution

Nirvana  acquires the rights to promote and distribute films throughout India Theatrically, on DVD, Video and on Television.

Nirvana has a library of 25 feature films, for distribution through Theatres, DVD, Cable, Internet and TV.


 Current Movies  TV Series
Bob The Butler   Nostradamus   Midnight Man   The Purifiers   On Dangerours Ground
Thunder Point   Lawnmower Man   Goose   Lawnmower
Man 2
  The Windsor Protocol
The Hunger   Charlie Jade    
  Our Gallery Latest Films

Bob Buler



Lawnmower Man


The Purifler

The Windsor protocol      Nostradamus  Midnight Man    The Lawnmower Man 2
  Bob The Butler
  On Dangerous Ground
  Midnight Man
 Thunder Point
  The Lawnmower Man
  The Lawnmower Man 2
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