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Kal - Yesterday & Tomorrow


Genre : suspense drama
Language : Hindi
Production Status : Released in India


KAL- Yesterday & Tomorrow is about relationships, friendships, change, the city and… memories. It is about growing up in a big city. The film traces the lives of a group of five college friends – the twists and turns they take as they make their way through the world. It juxtaposes the past with the present.

KAL - Yesterday & Tomorrow' is an original script that takes a realistic look at Mumbai’s upper middle class youth who live in a city where billboards, brands, traffic, congestion, overcrowding, affluence and poverty all co-exist. Not necessarily happily ever after. There are moments of fun, drama, humour, friendship and celebration. Bhavna and Tarun were in love. They and everyone else thought they would get married one day… but then, LIFE HAPPENED. Tarun left Bhavna for her best friend, Maya. Maya was very rich and it seemed that Tarun’s ambition had got the better of him..

Whatever the reason, they got married and Bhavna was left, alone.When the film starts, it is one year later, and Bhavna has not quite got over it, when one night Tarun shows up at her house. He ends up staying there the whole night. The next morning when Bhavna goes to work, the breaking news is that Maya, Tarun’s wife and her ex-best friend, has been found dead. Murdered. Now she unwittingly becomes Tarun’s alibi… but is she being used? The film traces Bhavna's search to uncover the truth… of what happened between the victim and the prime suspect, both her friends, both of whom had once betrayed her. Bhavna discovers many of the clues lie in her past.

Through her search, Bhavna comes to understand what happened to all of them… her friends; the bunch of kids from college and who they grew up to be. The story is narrated to us by an outsider, Rohan Sehgal - a TV presenter, someone who sees the city more easily for what it is, the good and the bad. He follows the Maya Haksar murder case, at first because of his personal interest in Bhavna, and then because it becomes his news story. The film has a very fresh, hip, urban look and feel. It is a realistic portrayal of the lifestyle of Bombay’s upper middle class youth. It is not your normal suspense drama!

Cast + Crew

Director/ Writer : RUCHI NARAIN
Executive Producer : SUDHIR MISHRA
Marketing Consultant : VIVECK VASWANI
Cinematographer : PRAKASH KUTTY


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