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Genre : Comedy
Language : English 
Production Status : Complete


The story is about 3 girls, A Brazilian girl, A African girl and an Indian girl sharing a life of illegal immigrants in the under belly of London. The story deals with lives of the 3 girls from various background and cultures and how all girls come under one roof for few days and share their dreams and aspirations while helping each other with their dreams and aspirations before departing to a better future.

Many stereotypes are broken and new realizations are formed as the story progress. We realize all 3 of them starts with their life at the bottom line and how they all work their way up with different motivations to come up as a winner, a survivor. The Brazilian girl wants to be a musician and hates her single mother and fine day she becomes a human carries for cocaine to London in exchange for a fake passport and ticket to London. Her name is Vicky, Vicky lands in London with other drug peddles harassing her to be part of their job but for Vicky it was not a job just a ticket to get away from her roots.

Vicky is a rebel without a cause. She has had history of rehab, relapse, and rehab and again relapses in the Institution of life. The Indian girl (Priya) is a typical middle class girl who is married in an arrange marriage by the choice of her parents. Upon reaching London she realizes that her husband is actually a human trafficker and on the wedding night she kills him and escapes in the alien land with no agenda.

Instead of compromising on her dignity she decides to fight out her destiny. Her passport and identity is stripped out of her. She becomes from newly married in one night to nameless and faceless girl in the alien land. 
Priya doesn’t want to give trauma to her mother and father who have married her with so much love and joy. As a dutiful daughter she rather fights her reality than to go back to India and back to her city. She knows in India people will mock her parents especially since it was an arranged marriage.

Linda is from Jamaica and she never took flight once before she reached her dream city London. She runs from her native land to make money and send to her 3 sisters back home. Linda gets in the hands of snakeheads and ends up dancing in the strip bar. Linda may dance in strip bar but she is not a prostitute. 
Linda manages to escape the cops but is in terrible condition physically. She manages to reach one person and through some contacts gets a job in a night club as a dancer. Linda survives the lusty world of seduction and tries to maintain sanctity of her soul even if her body is not in her control. All 3 girls help each other in some way or the other. Vicky teaches Priya to be brave and face adversaries head on, Priya in return teaches her family values. Linda teaches them the grit and focuses to survive on day to day basis and in return learns the detached freedom from Vicky and becomes positive about her future.

Together 3 girls realize the worth of what they are running away from and in the final analysis decide that if they are not happy being away from their loved ones than they should do what makes them happy. The story is true multi cultural representation of citizens of the world. Their story will make us realize through 3 girls that everyone is entitled to their happiness and happiness doesn’t value boundaries yet sometimes boundaries have to be crossed to find happiness.

Cast + Crew

Producer : Kallol Sen, Kiran Sen
Director : Sanjay Bhatia
Cinematographer : Sanjay Bhatia
Creative Consultant : Kallol Sen
Editor : Shekhar Prajapati 
Screenplay & Dialogue : Sanjay Bhatia
Cast :Tanya Sharma, Marijhaa Andre, Shanna Alexender


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