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A must see if you have seen Shekhar Kapoor’s Bandit Queen


Genre : Docu Drama
Language : Hindi
Production Status : Complete


WOUNDED tells the gripping true story of Seema Parihar, a dreaded bandit whose very name spelled terror in the 1980’s and 90’s in India. Shot at real locations and using real characters, the USP of the film is that perhaps for the first time in movie history, we have the actual person enacting her life story for the big screen.

Abducted by dacoits in her childhood because of an ongoing caste tussle, Seema underwent a lot of mental and physical torture while in captivity forcing her to become a bandit. The film follows the remarkable story of how a simple village girl is transformed into a dacoit because of the atrocities committed by the system and the society at large.

The film gives a first hand account of the life of Seema Parihar right from her abduction to her final surrender in December 2000.

Cast + Crew

Producer : Shalini & Chanda
Director : Krishna Mishra
Screenplay & Dialogue : Krishna Mishra, Saloni Goel & Aziz Burney 
Music : Babla Mehta 
Creative Consultant : Vinod Kumar, Sandeep Nair
Sound : Anil Dubey 
DOP : Alok Das Gupta 
Cast : Seema Parihar, Kanhaiya, Pradeep Kabara, Rati Shankar, Sushma Das, Kailash Bajpayee, Vikas Srivastav, Nalini Singh


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